Why This Topic?

Leaders & Philanthropy

When I meet with Presidents, CEOs, Executive Directors and Board Members, my first order of business is to thank them for their philanthropy.  Without fail, each person is deeply moved.  

They are keenly aware of their impact, yet they are so intently focused on securing much-needed financial support from donors and prospects, they do not see themselves as philanthropists.  Moreover, some would rarely use this word to describe what they do. 

Once this connection is made, their excitement piques and a shift occurs.  They move from seeing themselves solely from a position of need to seeing themselves from a position of power.  With time, they own their role as an economic engine, provider of essential services and transformer of countless lives.  

Creating Positive Outcomes for Leaders & Beneficiaries

Throughout my career I watched exceptional nonprofit leaders struggle to raise money and awareness for their cause.  Prospective donors were not always moved by the plight of marginalized groups advocating for access to quality education, healthcare, affordable housing, competitive wages and an inclusive work environment.

As someone who has seen the adverse effects these challenges have on the underserved, these are the groups I am committed to supporting!


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