Women Who Use Their Voices to Amplify Philanthropy

Dear Friends,

With all that is going on in our world, I wanted to share this post about women, who I have followed for some time, are using their voices to amplify their views on philanthropy.

This list is not finite for there are so many more stories I plan to share with you. As we continue to navigate the harrowing impact of Covid-19, these acts of generosity remind me how important it is to reach back and support the most vulnerable in our society.

Most important of all, thank you for all that you do to help others. Please stay encouraged!


From The Times 100 Talks Series – http://www.times100talks

For the Quiet Philanthropists Who Never Paused

Thank You
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I have attempted to write this message on several occasions and each time I felt overwhelmed by the devastating impact of Covid-19 and didn’t quite know what to say.  For what feels like an eternity, we have been navigating what has quickly become our new normal. On Monday, June 8th, New York City’s economy will reopen and we will begin the enormous task of assessing the emotional and financial toll and creating new systems in order to survive.
As a member of the nonprofit community, I have seen first-hand the heroic support, provided by women and men like you – the quiet philanthropists – who showed up day after day to ensure the needs of your constituents and beneficiaries were met.  From reaching out to your formal (and informal) networks, to providing food, shelter, clothing, money, housing and transportation, to enlisting vital support from everyone who would listen, you (we) stayed the course; sometimes at the expense of your own organization. You are the leaders, advocates and voices we needed for such a time as this.
Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.  You are truly a life-force for our local communities, nationally and globally.  Please remember, no one is equipped to do this work alone. Continue to enlist the support that you need as you show up for others.
We appreciate you!
Monique Brizz-Walker