Strategic Leadership Consulting – We Plan & You Implement

Monique Brizz-Walker is pleased to consult with organization leaders who need to gather critical information prior to introducing a new fundraising initiative.

The Strategic Leadership Consulting Service is highly customized and created in collaboration with organization leadership.  Participants will receive a fundraising plan, designed to inform their decisions and drive donor engagement and efforts.  This 4-step process includes:

INTRODUCTORY MEETING – The Information Gathering Stage

During this meeting, we will focus on your current fundraising objectives, wins and setbacks.  We will also examine how well your non-profit is positioned to successfully: 

Attract high-level donors and position your organization for top-tier funding opportunities.
Harness the power and magic of individual donors.
Create unique opportunities so you (and your team) will never have to work alone.
Embrace commonly overlooked populations to ensure success.
Attract Board Members who will always be loyal to your organization.
Produce your own 6 or 7-figure event to position your organization within the philanthropic community


During this meeting we will suggest an initial fundraising approach, based on the priorities you identified.  

STRATEGIC PLAN REVIEW – A First Look at The Action Plan & Gut-Check

We will present a preliminary action plan, informed by conversations with leadership, key team members and internal/external research.  During this meeting we will refine and agree on the following critical elements:

A signature campaign for your identified target audience.
A strategic plan to serve as a guide when launching your campaign.
A listing of key participants and resources to insure a seamless launch.


At this final meeting, we will present your ready-to-implement fundraising plan with agreed upon goals, a working timeline and metrics to gauge success.

To achieve optimal results, this program requires the participation of key team members and a minimum commitment of 8 weeks.
Also note, the fee is for one strategic plan at a time.
When the client is ready to launch a new funding priority, we will create a new agreement.

Individual Workshops

Monique Brizz-Walker and team are delighted to present customized workshops for key leadership members, Board Members and stakeholders. The present offering, listed below, has 3 components:

7-Figure Fundraising Playbook – Strengthen Your Non-profit’s Philanthropy

The #1 Tool you must complete (and revisit) to attract high-level donors and position your organization for top-tier funding opportunities.
How to go FROM financial insecurity TO solvency.
The SINGLE most important activity you can incorporate to position your non-profit as a sustainable, scalable business. 

Individual Learning via our Masterclass – Launching in 2020

7-Figure Fundraising Playbook™
The Non-Negotiable Building Blocks Required To Turn Your Mission-Driven Organization Into A Sustainable, Scalable Business

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